It is more expedient for the purchaser to call the manufacturer and or service person for needed repairs. The appliance owner can describe the problem In better detail. Many times this can save the frustration of waiting for two service calls. Because the service people can sometimes anticipate what parts are needed. There is less chance of getting the address, phone number etc. wrong.

Only the owner knows what day is best for them. The serial number, model number and purchase date are more easily obtained from the bill of sale.

Service personal can be informed of any special directions. For example use front door or back door etc.

Having a appliance break down is a unsettling experience. So it is imperative that the transfer of information is accurate. The chances of misunderstandings are less between two people rather than three or four.

Numbers listed below.

Be sure to obtain a response number.

This is important.

Remember the person answering the phone is just doing their job. They did not build the product.

The builders will usually resolve any issues if you are considerate.

·      Danby 1-800-600-3055

·      GE 1-800-361-3400

Repair Technicians